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Blues Division of  "No Refund Records"


Wish you all Happy Holidays!

Can Still send off for 100 or more finished  cd's if that's what you need!  Also "NO REFUND T-SHIRTS" available for 18

Dollars. Free to return customers.

Kind Regards,

Michael Parks

No Refund Records was founded in 2008 with a lot of help and training from Dennis Gilley. No Refund Records has State of the art Recording equipment. We use Sonar software with a Scarlett Interface. We can handle 5 headphone setups at a time, great for Bands or Songwriters. We prefer our Cad mic for vocals but have a variety of recording mics. We have a fine set of electric Roland Drums which provide that bounce that drummers love. Keyboards are available as well. Our Studio provides that relaxed home atmosphere our customers Prefer. We work from 3 pm to 3 a.m. We also provide CD Reproduction and will help you publish your work. We make webpages and videos too!  Come on by and check us out.

Yours Sincerely

Michael Parks